[Strawbale] Ecological building project in France is looking for volunteers now

Rob Gort, Bouwcarrousel BV r.gort at bouwcarrousel...
Thu Jun 29 22:53:58 CEST 2006

Ecological building project in France is looking for volunteers for this
summer (2006)

Approx. mid July an ecological building project will start in the nice
French region named "Bourgogne".
It's not a strwabale construction but a kind of Earthship-alike project,
designed by Michel Post (OrioArchitects, Netherlands) together with Rob
Gort (Bouwcarrousel bv, Netherlands), will be built by Bouwcarrousel bv,
a ecological deconstruction company which starts now with her first
ecological building project.
Both Michel Post and Rob Gort are members of the Dutch strawbale

The project 'll be a house of approx. 160 m2, to be build for a retiring
couple, who wish to live in a ecological & more or less selfsupporting

The major ecological aspects are as follows:
- maximum use of 2nd hand building components like 2nd hand wooden
beams, doors, insulation glass sheets, kitchens, sanitary components
- vegetation roof
- optimal use of passive solar energy
- use of energy-extensive building materials like 2nd hand building
components, unbaked compressed clay bricks, metal wiring boxes filled up
with stones, rubble and earth)
- roof fit for future mounting of PV-panels and/or solar collector
- mimimal impact on landscape (vegetation roof, construction partly sunk
into the ground)
- rain water stays available for the local ecosystem.
The construction permit has recently been emissioned and the groundwork
has started.
In July we'll start with some concrete foundation work and the
construction of a wall of metal wiring boxes ("gabion structures")
filled with earth, stones, rubble.
In August we plan to start the wood construction work, which 'll take
about 12 weeks.
The roof and all glass works will be done in October & if necesssary
November this year.
The house is located in a small village named "Parigny La Rose", which
is located about 60 km NE of the city of Nevers.
At the building site there's room for camping. There are sanitary
facilities as well as a kitchen.

The core building team consists of:
- a Dutch senior carpenter (hired through Bouwcarrousel);
- a British junior builder (employee from Bouwcarrousel), educated as
industrial designer.

The owners themselves will build as well from time to time, including
friends and family of theirs.
Also the owner (Rob Gort) and other employees of Bouwcarrousel will
contribute to the building as well as the architect (Michel Post).
There is need for 1 up till 3 volunteers at a time. We expect you to
stay for at least a month. 
Some knowledge or experience with construction, building and/or DIY-work
as well as some basic knowledge of tools and machines are wished, as
well as a reasonable physical condition.

A positive team spirit and some working experience in general are also
important, as well as knowledge of the English language. Knowledge of
French is very wellcomed.

We expect you to work 4 days a week (or more).
The working times are from 6.30 am - 12.00 am (incl. half hour break)
and from 16.00 - 19.00.

The reward is the gaining of experience at a unique ecological building
project and free meals, plus the company of inspiring people with a
passion for ecological living & building.
For more information contact Rob Gort of Bouwcarrousel bv, tel. +31
(0)6-50480904, e-mail: info at bouwcarrousel.... (website:
After 15 juli please contact Michel Post of Orio Architects, e-mail
architect at orioarchitecten... (www.orioarchitecten.nl).

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