[Strawbale] earthbag foundations

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Hi Rikki,


Sorry we missed eachother in the us.


I have used earthbag and gravel bag under bales. I am more inclined these
days to construct my own gabions though. The challenge is getting a roof
hold down for wind up lift on the eves. We usually do a rubble trench
foundation with drainage pipe set in the trench; then we start the first bag
2/3 burried in the ground. We always use double barbed wire between courses.
And if the site has access we bring in lava rock/pumice to fill the bags
with because it is so light and insulative and it tamps well. we clamp to
pieces of wood together with allthread at the top of the bags and fill
between then with pumice or pea gravel. The bales go on these like they
would any toe-up and then we’ve used 1.5 cm bamboo and or 5cmx5cm
hemp/plastic/metal lath, depending on the performance needed, to tie the toe
up to the roof bearing assembly. We have also used 2 pieces of allthread
from the bottom of the trench to the top of the RBA but the connection
between the two rods inside and out is suspect. 


If you want I can try and send you some pictures off line.


Good luck,




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I am interested in the possibility of using earthbag foundations for
strawbale houses.  I have seen it mentioned in the books, but don´t know
anyone who has used them.  Does anyone have informations/experiences to
share on the subject?




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