[Strawbale] convection and humidity in straw bale walls

Michael lough michaelklough at sympatico...
Fri Jan 6 21:06:50 CET 2006

Hello there from cool but getting warmer Canada…

A little while ago I read some information on the subject of convection 
within straw bale walls and would like to know if this is a resolved issue 
in Northern Europe ?

Hasit been established with support from testing or evidence of problems 
that this phenomena exists in the straw bale world ? I am not a scientist so 
I cannot  reach a conclusion from scientific data myself but I could 
understand simple terms…8)

I hope this will be possible as there is much debate here on the subject and 
there has been no testing here as far as I know. The idea that bale walls 
arein fact likely to rot without there being barriers in between each course 
is worrying some people!

Thank you all for your consideration

Michael Lough

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