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Tue Feb 28 19:08:59 CET 2006

Dear Harald

Maybe ask Stojan from Slowenia, as far as I know, he wanted to establish a
strawbale-network and has built some strawbale-houses. Maybe he knows more.

Habjanic Stojan, Slowenien, OIKIA D.O.O., Slomskova 35, Sl-9000, Murska
Sobota, email: oikia.stojan at siol...

And to all of you:

There are many new strawbale-houses in Austria, if you like, visit our
gallery (in german, but there are many images, so you will find the
navigation): http://www.baubiologie.at/europe/austria/austria.html

Best wishes from Austria
Herbert Gruber
Austrian Strawbale Network

> Harald wrote:
>> Hello all, a friend of mine wants to build a small sb structure in
>> Bosnia, in the mountains not far from Sarajevo.
>> Does anyone know of people build there with sb  before, I am looking for
>> someone who could support my friend.
> I am from Serbia, which borders on Bosnia. But I haven't got any experience
> in sb.
> Regarding your question, as far as I know, there are not sb buildings and sb
> tradition in ex YU countries.
> Straw-clay - yes, and some other techniques (wattle and daub...).
> Regards
> Predrag Cvetkovic
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