[Strawbale] change of Dutch SB URL address

Rene Dalmeijer rene.dalmeijer at hetnet...
Fri Feb 24 13:29:18 CET 2006

Dear all,

The Dutch straw bale organisation is undergoing some oganisational 
changes. We have just elected a new steering committee  and as you 
might already know we are a subsiduary of VIBA which is the Dutch 
sustainable building society. Previously we were directly associated to 
the vereeniging and now we are a project group of the Stichting the 
trust. The main reason for the change is that the focus of the trust is 
much more in line with our objectives which is outward looking whilst 
the vereenigging is focussed on information exchange within the member 

One of the first practicle results is the support of an own URL 
www.strobouw.nl At present the contents of this page are the same as at 
http://home.hetnet.nl/~rene.dalmeijer but I hope to be able to expand 
the site over time. I will be taking the old site down so please change 
links to the old site to the new one.

Best regards

René Dalmeijer
chairman projectgroep Strobouw Stichting VIBA Expo

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