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Mon Oct 31 23:54:36 CET 2005

Jenik said
>I suspect myself being guilty a bit, insisting that convection worsens
>the insulation properties for teperature differences over 20 K twice (and
>still not offering proven and usable ways to suppress this kind of thermal

this complex is surely unsubstantiated ?  I for 
one now need to know the original contention in 
some detail QUICKLY Š8^)

Chug said

>the list has been quiet of late but I guess we 
>have all been out enjoying the summer and 

AhhhhhhhŠ of course Š !!!

as for me I am a European ( English) presently 
resident (for some years sighŠ) in Canada where a 
few years ago I undertook to build a strawbale 
home some hundred miles North West of Toronto 
(where I live) close to Lake Huron in the Great 
Lakes part of North America.

To cut a long story short I have built a 200 squ 
ft 2 story guest straw bale "guest house" 
(workshop on the permit) for short term stays 
(funds and time permitting ) while the main house 
is being built .

I used Lime and sand only plaster with some 
success and cobbed the interior. I am still 
fiddling with the windows etc . I will probably 
start the main house next year .

This whole project is going to take years I can see this now.

The area is quite "rural" and it is nice to be 
there out of the city . The main feature of next 
year will in addition to the house foundation be 
a shed (with a living roof )containing a toilet 
connected to the newly installed septic system 
This is a big step as it means visitors will 
likely stay for a bit longer than an hourŠ

I hope this is enough ?

the very best to you all


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