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Tony also has connections with an ecovillage in Matavenero in North-west Spain, in the Montes de León. 
http://www.thatroundhouse.info/matavenero.htm  and for anyone who does not know the story of Tony's planning battle then have a good 
read on his website




bale on
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Hi Rikki, please, have a look into the internet and look at Tony's Wrench LOW IMPACT ROUND HOUSE. I have the book, so I can have a 
look into it and know with diameter he used for his house. If you have a look in the last page of the magazine ECOHABITAR you'll see 
a webpage of Tony Wrench, perhaps it's the fastest way to know a little more about that. Maren


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  >Hey Rikki
  >I made a 3.5m diameter loadbearing last year for an infant school play hut and it was tricky, we had to custom make just about 
  >bale and make wedge shapes on the ends to get the curve right
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  >1)I don´t want to be a bother, but a Vault is not the same as Dome.
  >2)But since we are one the subject of curves . . .  I wanted to know if
  >anyone knows what the Minimum diameter for a loadbearing round house with a
  >reciprocal roof is? And a Maximum?
  >3)Here´s my home-made advice on waterproofing bathrooms:  I also
  >contemplated tadelakt but decided that if I didn´t have someone to show me,
  >it was too complicated.  So I plastered my wall with clay as flat as I
  >could, then I glued the tiles to them with normal silicon (not very eco, but
  >it stuck good!, I tried Frank Thomas´s  caesin/lime glue but it came out too
  >thin).  Since the silicon is a bit thick it made it possible to adjust to
  >the small difference of my mostly, but not perfectly, flat wall.  I then
  >filled in with normal, water-proof joint filler.  And that´s it.  Its only
  >been finished 3 months, but so far no problems.  My theory is that since I
  >live alone, it is very unusual that I take more that two showers a day, so
  >the acumulated humidity (my bathroom is well ventilated) is minimal, and
  >what I have done is enough for the amount of water that splashes on the
  >wall.  If you don´t want to tile, you could paint a clay plaster with
  >several layers of oil (new experiments in spain show that vegtable oil works
  >just as well as linseed . . .I hope its true, because it cost less and is
  >more transparent!) like they do for clay floors.  This is not entirely
  >waterproof, but can handle the amount of water for a shower.  I wouldn´t
  >recomend these techniques in a public shower to be used all day long every
  >day, but for a home I think it is enough. . . .

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