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Hi Filip

Yak woman, Kelly Lerner built a vault, it has been featured in the Last Straw Journal a few times.
this info is what Kelly sent to me about it

I built the vault in UB back in 1997 and it's in several TLS issues if you want more background info. Here's a summary:
  a.. built over four falsework frames, I conceived it as loadbearing
  b.. as we started to take out the falsework, the vault started to sag, so I installed a ridgebeam and some interior bracing.
  c.. in retrospect, the bales were just to soft for a loadbearing structure
  d.. the size is about 4-4.5 meters wide by 8-10 meters long (I'm in an airport and don't have access to the drawings)
  e.. the bales are pinned together with long wooden stakes
  f.. The arctic entryway/sunroom works well, but the low quality of glazing leaves it drafty and frozen in the wintertime
  g.. There's a half-vault leaning against the back of the main vault that functions as a small bedroom
  h.. energy studies in January of 1999 showed that the vault was 90% more efficient than a nearby ger (yurt) ... not a big surprise
  i.. in general, I don't think vaults are very good for international development projects because they are so finicky and also 
because the vault shape isn't typical in the vernacular tradition of most cultures (there are a few exceptions)

bale on
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Does somebody knows about the feasability of the construction of a loadbearing strawbale vault of Diameter D = 6m?

Filip Bronchart


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