[Strawbale] Tadelakt?

Michel Van Mulders michelvanmulders at siol...
Mon Nov 7 10:03:34 CET 2005


Tadelact is a very interesting wall finish, especially for wet   
environments like bathrooms etc.. It originates from Morocco.
As I understand it, it is a lime finish where the end coat is  
polished while  still wet with a burnisher. They use then a smooth  
round  stone and some vegetable soap made from oil usually olive  
( logic in Morocco )
The polishing makes the pores to be very dense and than the reaction  
lime and soap makes it also waterproof. They put pigments in the  
putty to get different colours. It is labour intensive, the rubbing  
or polishing goes slowly.
I also understand it as a variation on marmolino or so where lime is  
polished while still wet. This gives then the smooth surface with a  
nice shine to it.
What I  have seen is that the end-result is always kind of cloudy and  
the walls not straight ( due to rubbing with a small handhold stone  
in circular movements )
Is there anybody who could tell the ingredients more exactly?
Or would there be another system where the walls could be polished  
with something bigger to keep them more straight? The look is very  
and I would really like to find such a wall finishing that goes  
faster and efficient.
If somebody wants to get it "off the shelf " it is sold commercially  
and is easy to get via the internet.
But for me the fun is grater to make it yourself, and I am sure it  
must be very simple to make from materials locally.
Hope somebody can help.

Greetings to all...

On 7-nov-05, at 01:55, Stewart Hargrave wrote:

> Several posts have mentioned this lately. What is tadelakt?
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> Stewart H.
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