[Strawbale]strawbale on wikipedia

Duncan Lithgow duncan at lithgow-schmidt...
Wed May 25 17:49:26 CEST 2005

>For french jobsites: www.lamaisonenpaille.com (click on 'Chantiers'.
>Other countries:
>Labor on green building projects
>A bulletin board to exchange info.
>Hands For Knowledge Building Sites and Courses
>This is a correspondence list, a temporary replacement until the Hands for
>Knowledge website is up and running.
>Green Dream Jobs
>http://sustainablebusiness.com .
>Willing Workers in Alternative Technology
>A simple listserver where people with projects can find interns/apprentices and
>vice versa.
I was about to check that these links are in wikipedia, but I can't find 
anything relevant in wikipedia at all - what's up? I've just written 
'Strawbale: to get things going but searches for 'strawbale 
construction', 'straw bale' and 'strawbale building' all turn up blank. 
Have I missed something? I'm sure someone said there was some good SB 
stuff on wikipedia.


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