[Strawbale]Volunteers wanted for Strawbale House in Hungary

Marcus m_juby at freemail...
Thu May 5 07:51:11 CEST 2005

olunteers wanted to help finish off a non-load bearing strawbale house 
near Pecs in the south of Hungary.

The house incorporates (or will when its finished), strawbale walls with 
earth plaster, adobe bricks, light earth construction, earth floors and a 
super efficient masonary fireplace.

If you want any experience with any of these then you can come and 
stay over the summer and learn.

I'm afraid I can't pay -  but can offer self service accommodation and 
some wine.

You can also have a look around the South of Hungary.
Anyway, if you would like to come send an email to m_juby at freemail...



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