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c'Lanne moroney cam at dds...
Tue Mar 8 17:03:56 CET 2005

bales on edge - would that not provide a more difficult key for the 
eventual plaster, the key being the shoot-ends of the material? i wonder 
how the walls settle? the crucial loadbearing zone being between the 
bale-strings....any data on this?
with regards to the key - cladding of another sort could then be considered 
- for instance, [external] the transparent corrugated rainshield as was 
used in the sarah wigglesworth house in islington. internally, a slat and 
board finish also allows for more wall use - its notoriously difficult to 
fix anything a daub wall....
less 'pure', i know, but we dont need to remain purists, eh?

c'Lanne moroney, b.arch, msc.arch

>>Great comment Mark. Bales on edge? Woof! sounds dodgy - do they do that?
>>Is the Danish stuff available in English?
>>Tom Foster B.Sc.(Architecture) AECB
>>Tom Foster Architecture
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