[Strawbale]Measured heat flux through a real wall/ceiling

Hannes Hohensinner hohensin at mail....tuwien.ac.at
Tue Mar 8 11:34:46 CET 2005

Hey Jenik!

The S-HOUSE project (www.s-house.at) will bring up Data about heat flux
through 50cm straw bale walls with a density of about 110kg/m3. Measurements
will start this summer and will be taken over a period of two years.

> I wonder very much, if anybody has heat consumption data for any strawbale
> house already, or any measured heat flux data for a wall with 40 cm bales
> and a 20 K or even larger temperature difference.  

Passiv house walls have to be than thick, that is not a problem of strawbales.
With straw bales you can even build passiv houses with thinner walls than with
conventional building materials.

 Not everywhere more space is available (we have to build a
> house where even 40 cm will be a bit of a problem).
best regards

> Will somebody present any answer on this at the
> http://passivhaustagung.de? (I'll be there with another topic, a poster on
> windows with Al-layers.)
> cheers,
>  jenik
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