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Tue Mar 8 14:23:00 CET 2005

Dear Jan, dear Rene

What is quite realistic? I wonder that you cannot accept, that the OFFICIAL
heat measurement-tests in Austria and Germany faced much better results than
the improvised tests of MCCabe in USA.

Be sure, there were no tricks: lambda10tr = 0,038, lambdaZ = 0,045
(lambda10tr is the value measured on the dry (tr) material at 10 degrees
middle-temp., lambdaZ is the measured value + 20% addition)

As you can see on:
http://www.fasba.de/info/downloads.html (Germany)
http://www.baubiologie.at/download/zertifikate/lambda.html (Austria)

I know the building market very well and I even have seen the tricks to get
results you want (like B1 for cellulose). I think, there is no time to
understate (or use the worst results you can get). Fact is: it is possible
to build a passivehouse with 35 cm bales - although isolation is not all.

Jan, if you need this datas for a German Passivehouse-Gathering, please use
the german test-results!

Best wishes,
Herbert Gruber, ASBN

08.03.2005 13:17 Uhr

> Some of the measurements have given figures of 0.045 but I think these
> are not realistic. I expect though that a well executed dense
> (>120kg/m^3) SB wall could achieve a value in the region of what you
> seek.

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