[Strawbale]Keep the secret alive

Dirk Scharmer - Architekturburo WAND4 info at wand4...
Tue Mar 8 09:30:31 CET 2005

What a wonderful list, what a good discussion,
Let us discuss with the same energy and this lots of messages about
strawbale details, about testing and technical stuff, or is anybody afraid
of having controversial discussion about this difficult questions?
My last contribution, was meant like this: If we initiate a new forum for
technical stuff, then we should think about the more public character of a
forum and the need of not telling everybody anything. This list here is
still secret enough, I think. 

I'm for it. ;-)

Dirk Scharmer

>>> Schnipp
Hi Dirk and Simon

do we really need another secret list? we already have the GSBN list for
technical and testing stuff and that doesn't have that much 
>>> Schnapp

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