[Strawbale]Mailing list

Martin Doyle martin at nativedigital...
Mon Mar 7 20:06:48 CET 2005

Hi all

Personally, I would prefer if we stayed on this list rather than a
full-blown forum. I admit that I don't say much on this list, but my
interest in SBB is kept alive by monitoring the discussions that arrive
almost daily in my inbox - to have this on a forum would require me to go to
the forum every day or so. For me, getting information in a passive mode is

One of the points that was raised in interesting in terms of a central place
to hold information etc - I know there are some great web sites around, but
it would be even better to have a place for all information on SB, followed
by a country-by-country round-up of what's going on (builds, training etc) -
I would love to either get some training or assist on a build (I'm in the
midlands, UK) at some point.

Anyway, that's my 2 pence worth!


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