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Mon Mar 7 14:21:18 CET 2005

Dear strawbalers

My opinion is: never change a running system. And the discussion list runs,
we all stay a little bit informed, we are able to inform others about news,
workshops or highlights and most of all, we feel, WE ARE NOT ALONE in
preferring strawbales as building material.
We made a lot of efforts in our ESBN-history to establish specialized
discussion-boards but it always was a straw-fire (engaged but short).

Don´t forget: There are more forums in ESBN, not only the list.
1) For in-depth experiences we have the annual (or bi-annual) ESBN-gathering
and the local/regional network-gatherings.
2) To know each other(s email-adress) is a perfect way to establish small
email-discussions about specialised themes with special participants.
3) I see the discussion list not as an in-depth-forum, most of the emails
are even not interesting to me but I can push the button and throw them
away. But if there are questions I am able to answer or help in solutions, I
share. Its a mixture of the common will to help, pride to know, or just one
hand washes the other (I help you so you help me).
I do that, because I´m confronted with it, when I get an email (inactive). I
wouldn´t do that in a forum on a homepage (active).

Sorry for my germanized english, maybe I could do better with having more
time to use the dictionary, but I´m sure you understand what I mean.

Best wishes from Austria
Herbert Gruber, ASBN

> Makes sense to me Simon.
> Lars Keller

>> Hi everyone
>> We currently have 276 people on this email list, which I think speaks
>> volumes for its success (we started off with just 12 people five years
>> ago!!). The list was set up to be a place for announcements (such as
>> volunteers required, new projects, etc), information requests and
>> questions, but not to be a place for in-depth technical discussion.
>> I agree that a forum is a very good idea, but I would be worried that
>> it would isolate many people on the list. The beauty of the email list
>> is that the discussions come to you, direct into your inbox. You don't
>> have to go find the discussion - i.e. log on, go to a website, read
>> the list of topics being discussed, follow the links, etc.
>> I often find discussions on the list turn out to be much more
>> interesting than I expected at the beginning (e.g. the recent
>> money/ethics discussion). I probably wouldn't have made the effort to
>> check out that topic in a discussion forum.
>> My proposal is that the email list is kept as it is, and that in-depth
>> (especially technical) discussions take place in the forum. When
>> someone starts a new discussion topic in the forum, they can send a
>> message to the list with a link, so people know about it and can then
>> visit and take part if they wish.
>> Please let me know what you think.
>> Cheers
>> Simon (list administrator)

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