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Mon Mar 7 08:00:06 CET 2005

Could you please delete our address from your mailinglist. Thank you in 

Emilie van der Woerd
vannoordnaarzuid at hotmail...

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>Subject: RE: [Strawbale]Mailing list
>Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 07:48:00 +0100
>Dear All,
>Like i guess a lot of you, i also suffer from a spammed mailbox at times 
>i do still think such a list that comes into your box involves much more
>then a discussiongroup on some website. The latter is fab if you struggle
>with a specific question but not to stay up to date. So having a
>discussiongroup for technical discussions etc. would b fab but please keep
>this list going as well!
>and indeed, try to erase some of the tailzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that form when 
>Love n Light
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