[Strawbale]ethical question?

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Thu Mar 3 21:35:50 CET 2005

Hi Valentina,

I will take none of the extreme "ideological" positions
('help the pour' vs. 'make a rude cost-benefit analysis').

Still, soul, consciouness e mutual support is important

 all over, not just within SB building matters.

What you need, is an open and transparent negotiation session with the

based on options, taking in consideration (you and the customer)

that both parties  need to fulfill its own economic sustainability

Otherwise the system, simply doesn't work...

That's the base where to start.

Then, I would make your customer a multiple-option offer,

leaving them to decide what services are willing to pay for

and what not.

For example. Let assume that building a SB house

from scratch would imply:

- Site surveys and Design

- Relation with the council to obtain permissions

- Setting-up of the working team (Work-shops, etc)

- Selecting the suppliers

- Coordinating the field works...etc

Make a price for every activity, based on your

technical experience and amount of time.

Let then the customers to decide what to finance vs.

what to implement on their own.

I would also put some flexibility options, and incentives.

Just examples (it's only you that can decide what to offer/propose):

- Possibility for the customer to request you suggestions and advises

at any time of the project phase (possibly for those phases

he decided to conduct on its own) ,

at a pre-defined price/hour.

- If you are good in negotiating with IIIrd party suppliers (wood, bales
suppliers etc.),

request the customer that if you will be able to reduce the material prices
by 10%,

 then he will give you a benefit of the 3% of this 10%.

Be transparent with them, and show your are trying

to give them the best of your knowledge and flexibility.

Be also firm on what you can do and what you can not,

also making them understanding that you too

need to leave somehow.

Good luck!


PS: does anyone know if there is any possibility to connect SBH to the Kyoto

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> Sure, accept payment in the form of fringe benefits if agreeable, but
> leave charity and poverty-consciousness out of it.
> Tom Foster B.Sc.(Architecture)
> Tom Foster Architecture
> yeah not our usual SB forum nice vibes is it?
> I believe it is business attitudes like this that got the world in the
state that it is, with two thirds of the planet starving and
> living on less than one euro a day with no access to clean water, I for
one say we should all put charity and poverty consciousness
> right up front!
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