[Strawbale]ethical question?

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Wed Mar 2 15:43:17 CET 2005

Hi everybody,
i send a mail to this list because i think that do to the variety  and 
experience of people here... maybe you can help me.... :

 > i'm an architect involved in a project of a strawbale house in spain 
and the organization of a workshop to build the house
 > the clients owners...have very litlle money to build the house.....
 > to "calculate" the money i'm supposed to be paid i use the official 
reference of the architects council of spain......
 > the fact that strawbale house is cheeper to build .....does not mean 
that is cheeper to design...in fact is more expensive....due to luck of 
"normal" refernces for the administrative process of getting the 
building permission.....and we have to ask for it....
 > i'm not in the economical position to afford working without being 

  do you have any suggestions in order to reach a fair agreement between 
all parts? .....

best regards to this great list! :-), valentina

arq. valentina maini
arquitectos ara B sccl
ronda sant pere 58, pral b
08010 barcelona
tel. +34-933197631
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