[Strawbale]straw woof insulation??

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Dear Duncan
thanx for your reply  and questions. this is our situation:

* if you take the tiles off, put straw beneath and the tiles back on, the
space is skyhigh so thats no limitation
* about moisture, the attick is dry. Of course when putting the tiles back
on, one has to be very carefull to do a good job and perhaps one may want a
2nd backup layer. my first thought is a plastic foil but that of course
doesnt breath. Perhaps a milk treatment on top of the top plaster?
* With what i told about the sandwich idea i think the roof only gets
stronger when aplying the strawbales. IFFFF the interconnection between the
upper and lower layer are strong and stiff. the old roof has survived many
winters with a meter of snow or more on the roof so to start with, it seems
pretty rigid.

about your alternatives like the popcorn (new to me, gr8 idea!) what do you
do to keep rodents away? 
by the way at the moment the roof has no box structure between which we can
blow in stuff. we have to do carpentry anyhow it seems.....

many thanx for all your thougths


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Brand J.H.J. wrote:

>Dear All,
>We are starting a small new ecovillage in the Vosgues region in France. we
>bought beautifull land with a farm on it. Of course that house is poor
>insulated. One of my first thougths is to insulate at least the roof and
>some other parts with strawbales. 
Which solution to your roof insulation works best depends on many things:
- How much space is there and how regular is the space
- How exposed the space is to moisture, both from inside and outside
- How much weight the existing framing can carry

Give us some more info on the things above and we'll give you better advice.

Generally your options are:
- blown insulation. Straw, popcorn, celulose fibre, polystyrene waste ...
- sheet insulation. Glass/ rock insulation, wool insulation, mixed fibre ...


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