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Dear Luca,

i know little about strawbale houses but one thing is clear: they are being
pulled together by strings. Unlike regular houses, this is both a bit
flexible and can withstand pulling forces. It might also be interesting to
see how much energy gets absorbed by the bales. to give you an idea: a
spring typically keeps resonating when you excite it but a shockabsorber
turns the motion into heat. I think a strawbale is more of a shockabsorber
then a spring. 

This is the quick analysis of an engineer but i dont have much experience
with strawbales yet. I'm sure you will find more info about it though


DeeTale or Joost

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Onderwerp: [Strawbale]straw and earthquakes

hallo everybody, my name is Luca, i post from Italy and I'm a new subscriber
of this list.
I'm intrested in strawbale building for  a study for my university; I'd like
to include in it some considerations about how buildings made by straw react
to earthquakes: are they sismic-safe? If anybody could give me some
information about this topic, or where to find them, I'd be very grateful!
thanx in advance
greetings luca

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