[Strawbale] CO2 production for building a house

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Wed Dec 28 16:36:54 CET 2005

Hi Sven,
here valentina from barcelona .... i will be able to give you this  
data at the end of 2006.....an investigation project of the  
university of barcelona will take place and will give results....and  
i guess the data will be of free circulation....hope you can wait or  
find somewere else.....i'm really interested in this information too...
for what i know...the rules are quiet difficult....to trust....it  
seems that evrybody has is own...and the numbers are very  
differents..... the people that work on this use software like  
SimaPro.....for LCA analysis....and Transis for energy efficiency....
best regard, valentina

El 28 Dec 2005, a las 13:07, Sven Aerts escribió:

> Someone with thumb-rule figures on how much CO2 is produced by  
> building a standard alone standing house for a normal family and  
> that compared to a strawbale one.
> Nobody has a book where that is mentioned ?
> Is it kilotons or megatons of CO2 that are produced due to brick- 
> houses ?
> and a strawbale house that's like 2% of that?
> I just need some thumb rule figures.
> Tried about everything and everybody here in Belgium... but no answer.
> thank you
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