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Fri Dec 2 16:40:16 CET 2005

i would like to inform everyone on this mailing list of the recent birth of a french forum created by and for ownerbuilders of straw bale homes. the forum is a means to exchange information and advice about building with strawbales between ownerbuilders, professionals and anyone with strawbale building projects. 

the forum is the first task of a wider objective: to create an association of strawbale ownerbuilders which promotes the idea of "open" building sites, that is, where ownerbuilders propose opportunities for fellow ownerbuilders to visit their building sites and acquire skills (ie, a weekend bale raising, etc). reciprocity could be a defining aspect of such activities.

the association will be constituted over the next several months but i encourage everyone (and certainly frenchspeakers and/or anyone wishing to visit strawbale homes -in progress- in france) to visit the forum site. dates for "open" building sites can be found on the forum and anyone is welcome to participate.  

à bientôt,

"un compaillon"

address: http://compaillons.naturalforum.net
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