[Strawbale]Straw bales and septoria

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Tue Aug 2 22:11:16 CEST 2005

hi guillaume

we are also building this summer in sarthe (val du loir) and the straw is
being harvested at the moment. i have not heard about this fungus; have you
tried contacting farmers a little futher away from your locality? i would
advise against barley - not so good for construction, try rye (du seigle) if
you can - this is even better than wheat straw!

good luck,


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> Hello,
> In NW of France, where I live, Wheat has developped this week some kind
> of fungus (septoria I think) due to storms and heat.
> Our straw was reserved, ready to cut... conditions were ideal...
> Now we don't know what to do...
> Shall we take the risk to build with this fungi ? or is it preferable to
> buy another kind of straw (barley was cut before storms), with the
> difficulty of finding another concentious farmer ready to make bales for
> construction.
> Thank you
> Guillaume
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