[Strawbale]Some loadbearing compression ideas/questions

rikki nitzkin rnitzkin at hotmail...
Wed Apr 27 13:15:50 CEST 2005

HI all,

Some thoughts about compression for you tecnical people.  I have been 
thinking about these techiniques that are popping up as ways to reduce 
compression on loadbearing walls.  Specifically the techniques like those 
used by Tom Rijven, or the man in ávila:  they use clay paster on the walls 
before or during the wall-raising.  This solidifies the walls and they don´t 
compress.  This has obvious advantages because it protects the wall at once, 
and you don´t have to leave gaps above or below the windows and doors, and 
if you build the wall well you don´t have to worry about uneven compression, 
etc.  SOunds good, huh?  But the other day I was thinking (I do that once in 
a while) and I thought to question:  A compressed wall is sure to be 
stronger, no?  it may be more comfortable avoiding compression, but will it 
not make the walls weaker and capable of bearing less weight? On my 
load-bearing walls I have a clay-tile roof, I don´t know if I could 
recommend putting a heavy roof on an "uncompressed" loadbearing wall . . 
.But in the testing people have done they say that the plaster bears more 
weight than the bales themselves, some maybe my doubts are irrelevant . . 
.What do you all think?


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