[Strawbale]Re: lime and earth plaster

Walter Faas dedapperekoe at yahoo...
Sun Oct 3 15:17:53 CEST 2004

Dear Jeroen,

Plastering the wall won't do anything to solve your
problem. What you need to do is to prevent moisture
from getting sucked up through the wall. I've had the
same problem a couple of years ago. We also
replastered the walls, but the plaster lost adhesion
(it didn't fall of completely) after a few weeks and
showed considerable moisturedamage. To make things
even worse, we discovered that the loadbearing brick
wall was losing consistency (and strength) due to
moisture (we could scrape the outer 2-3 centimeters
off without considerable effort). If this process is
allowed to continu long enough, you run the risk of
losing the oh so vital loadbearing capacity and
collapse. I must add that the latter problem takes
ages to complete, but it's definately something to
take into account.

It's possible to inject the walls with a substance
which will act as a moisture barrier but I don't know
how it's called (in Dutch or English) but you could
ask a contractor or engineer (who, unlike me, does
know how that process is called :p).

About the lime: the Dutch word is 'kalk' and should be
available in most DIY-stores.

Kind Regards,

Walter Faas

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