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I just forward an exceptional non-member posting (being no spam), just for
the appendix, a 100 kB pdf, write Manuel directly. But as Rene wrote, the
info should appear at


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this is manuel. i´m a member of the german strawbale-building

during your travel trough germany there are some possibilities to visit
som strawbale projects.

i think it would be cool if you could join the german leg of the convoy
to the isbbc.

the convoy stops first in germany in windeck-werfen (near cologne) on
the 10th of june. the convoy comes from
belgium (after passing england, the netherlands) and will visit there
some strawbale-projects.

After that (friday the 11th of june) the convoy-tour continues up to
the wendland and will visit there another 2 projets.

on friday evening the convoy will arrive in Sieben Linden (an ecologic
village), where the tour will stop for 2 days.
At the moment there is a 3-story living-house form 20 people in process.

On saturday (12th of june) the participants of the convoy and the
members of the german strawbale-building-association
will take part in some dicussions/ workshops. On sunday morning (13th of
june) the whole crew (participants of the isbbc)
will leave Sieben Linden up to Denmark.

In the appendix i send you an overview of germany with some stations of
the convoy and some other strawbale projects.

If you like to join the convoy please tell us and we could inform Rene
Dalmeijer. He is the convoy-man.

hope this will help you.


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