[Strawbale]Traveling to Denmark

Rene Dalmeijer rene.dalmeijer at hetnet...
Thu May 13 13:39:11 CEST 2004


Very good news to hear that a Spanish delegation is coming.

Why not join in on the already organised SB tour running from Calais on the 
evening the 8Th of June via Antwerp-Brussels-Cologne-Wolfsburg-to Friland. 
we will be seeing roughly 15 SB houses on this route.
It might be a very good idea to come up via Brittany in France as there are 
quite a concentration of SB houses to see there I suggest you contact 
Pascal Thepaut who is located in Brittany and or Andre de Bouter who is 
located a little further South for details. It would be really swell if the 
Spanish convoy could form the nucleus of a French convoy. Another option is 
to take the route you suggest and join in on the convoy in Windeck which is 
just to the east of Cologne on the evening of the 10th

I hope soon to release the final schedule of the tour to the ISBBC website 
www.thelaststraw.org but the route is already completely clear the only 
thing that might change is the precise itenary. I will have to work out the 
costs for participation on the tour with own means of travel. Count on 
roughly €25,-/day for food and sleeping space (this can mean sleeping in a 
self supplied tent on some nights). This means € 125,- total for the 5 
days. I expect the final costs might be a bit less but I prefer not to 
surprise participants with unexpected expenses afterwards.

At 07:36 AM 5/13/04, you wrote:
>Three of us will be traveling by  van from Spain to the ISBBC in Demark.  We
>plan to travel from Girona through France to Germany and then up.  If there
>are any Strawbale houses on the way we could visit, or stop over at on the
>way, we would  be  very interested.  We leave spain on June 5. The rough
>plan is to go  by montpellier up to Geneva (?) and then via Frankfurt and

Hasta la Vista
Rene Dalmeijer

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