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>Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 09:01:33 -0500
>Subject: Re: [Strawbale]Global Straw Bale Networks
>From: Joyce Coppinger <jc10508 at alltel...>
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>The GSBN is a small email list composed of representatives of regional
>organizations and other non-affiliated key individuals involved in the
>general advancement of straw-bale and other straw-use building materials
>and techniques. The intentionally small number of members range from highly
>experienced professionals to well informed lay people.
>The costs of operating the list have lately been underwritten by The Last
>Straw Journal in exchange for use of the GSBN as an advisory board and
>technical editing arm.

Thankyou JoyceŠ

You have me intrigued me now of course, and I wonder as you have been 
so explicit in your summary above whether I could enquire as to the 
purpose of the GSBN list? Is it perhaps a "traditional" 
media/government pressure/action group ? I wonder how an 
intentionally small number of members is beneficial in this regard?

The obvious benefit to TLS would be editorial resource development 
but what are the "benefits" to participants, access to knowledge 
denied to those on the REPP or SB-R-US lists?

Or have I asked too many questions for my own good already?


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