[Strawbale] Fwd: New to website

simon b pieman66 at yahoo...
Mon Mar 15 17:43:49 CET 2004


If anyone can help Tom please reply to him directly at
benmarta at freemail... as he's not on the list.


> From: "Marta" <benmarta at freemail...>
> To: <strawbale-owner at amper....muni.cz>
> Subject: New to website
> Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 20:43:08 +0100
> Hello,  I'm an american who has been involved in volunteer work for 25
> years or so, now at 52 and with a wife & two children I'm trying to
> make a home in a small village in Hungary.  Since I don't speak German,
> I need some websites or information in English on how to find economic
> ways to build.  The forum doesn't really tell me how to start at the
> beginning: the fundamentals.  Can anyone out there help me in this?  
> Thanks,  Tom & family

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