[Strawbale] a visit to New Zeeland and Australia

Michel Post info at PurpleX...
Fri Mar 12 12:25:49 CET 2004

G 'day Straw Balers in the southern island of New Zeeland en the east coast
of Australia,

Although this is the first time I'm writing, I follow your newsletter since
the day I found out it excisted. It is so great to see the interaction and
the way people from all over the world are connected to each other.

Next thursday I will be travelling to New Zeeland and it would be a gift to
this trip if I could meet and see some of the buildings and his owners that
are made out of straw. I will be traveling by camper from the 23th of march
till the 9th of april along the beautiful countryside of the Southern
Island. I haven't planned the trip yet and am not sure where to go. So if
anyone feels the interest to share his ideas with me, please let me know and
maybe I can pay you a visit.

For the Australians,
After my stay in New Zeeland I will be traveling, again in a camper, from
Brisbane to Cairns. I will be in this side of the world from the 15th of
april till the 5th of may. Again, if anyone feels the interest in meeting a
Dutch organic architect, let me know.

Yours sincerely,

Michel Post
see also my site for more details: www.PurpleX.nl

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