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My name is Jan Rendek and I come from Slovak Republic, Central Europe. From 
what I know, waste straw is used as bedding for cows (an industry in decline 
here), and that's it. I am almost sure if someone came to them and wanted to 
buy bales, they would be more than happy to sell them. If I strike an 
agreement with my father to remodel our cottage with straw bales, I will 
have to find some supplier.

Here in Slovakia, farmers bale straw into either blocks or these huge disks.

Slovakia has a "corn belt" in south (mostly wheat) in the region bordering 
with Hungary. Hungary may have a huge surplus of straw (almost entirey flat 
country, intensive agriculture).

Before I go into details, do you contemplate importing straw bales from 
Europe into Australia? If so, you must have some secret solution 'cause I 
cannot imagine how could that be profitable (due to low price, low wight and 
high volume of these bales).


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>Subject: [Strawbale]Straw Query from, Australia
>Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 10:57:41 +1000
>Hello from Bendigo in Australia,
>I need to know how easy it is to purchase very LARGE quantities of waste 
>wheat straw in different countries near Europe (eg England, Germany, 
>France, Spain, Ukraine, Russia etc.) Is this straw difficult to procure?
>Could someone please email and make contact with me regarding this?
>Cherrie L Barclay
>chezneil at hotmail...
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