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Wed Jul 28 10:04:18 CEST 2004

hi people here some reaction on the straw sauna critics/thinking 

Thanks fore all the critics and thinkings about the strawmudsauna.
Inspire me more  and see the things what can happen in reality like humity problems  thermic mass .
So you can feel it  and think and learn from reality.

But  i use the sugestions  like what Rene Dalmeijer tell about the big thermic mass and so slow heating up.
One advantage of big thermic mass sis that when there a lot of people one the place were the sauna is built like
one a party , you can use it whole the day whit use a litle bit of wood .
I will use the minium of plaster needed , so extra care about putting up the bales to get it nice egal.
Later on after testing ther is always a posible to put something else against the wals.
what i think destroy  the Atmosphere inside an the need for more materials (but pallets ore ather rest wood is everywhere in Holland  ).

further i want build vent canels in the building  where to connect simply homebuilt solarheat collectors .
because there is no sun what heat the thermic mass so it can lose his wet after us , and it is nice fore testing .

and one more thing lowbudget building it don''t  have to say dat it have less change to stay just take time to use materials well
You can efen use better materials than you can buy because  ore rich trow away society but it is nice to have big collection 
so you can choos good :and not collect in the building holliday(bouwvak) wat i do now !!!

greatings Rikkert 

And i keep you informed .


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<stop useles wood cutting and production

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