[Strawbale] Wall Capping

alex-richards alex-richards at wanadoo...
Sat Jan 31 16:18:23 CET 2004


Well i think this may be my first post after two years of lurking. I'm
wondering about topping strawbale walls. I have a design in my head that is
something like this (primitive ASCII art warning).

                 /              Pitched Roof
                                                                 | |
                                                                 | |
                                                                 | |
                                                                 | |
                                                                 | |
                                              |                        |
                                              |                        |
                                              |    Strawbale      |
                                              |       Wall           |

What I'm wondering is does anyone have any advice for capping the top of the
wall ? Can I just use lime or would I be better with some other form of
capping ? The plan is for the structure to look clean and smooth so I would
like to avoid a heavy visible capping if at all possible. The window will be
about 1m in depth. and the overhang about 2m.

Thanks in advance

Alex in France

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