[Strawbale] Chestnut flooring

Ramon Budike R.Budike at vitae...
Tue Jan 27 13:48:20 CET 2004

Good day Eco minded ones,

This may not seem a message for our community but because I do not know where to look, let me ask you the following:
For flooring; does anyone know where to buy chestnut massive floorboards ? The tongue and groove kind, probably in lengths of 
1.20 m  and width around 10 mm (thickness preferably 15 - 22 mm).

I am looking for a decade to find the 'well' of where I can obtain this type of wood and I know for certain that in France it is used very often and is also called 'the Oak of the poor',  and that it is a very ecological type of wood with great duration outdoors. 

I hope someone can inform me about this.

With kind regards,

Ramon Budike
Landsmeer, the Netherlands 
+31 6 29 316 916
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