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Stewart Hargrave Stewart at Hargrave....uk
Sun Feb 1 17:04:24 CET 2004

On 1 Feb 2004 at 13:35, Rene Dalmeijer wrote:

> Alex,
> Besides slightly sloping the outside capping to allow water runoff. 
> would also do the following move the window out much closer to the
> exterior surface. This does 2 things it avoids possible moisture
> problems in an area that is difficult to inspect and it also 
> the insulation value of the structure. There is less external 
> working as a heat sink. This is a general rule for any type of
> building structure. The less the external exterior surface area for 
> given volume the more thermically efficient it will be. Another 
> is that it lessens the effect of cold bridges which are always a
> potential problem around wall openings. Another effect which can be 
> some importance is that by reducing the external surface area
> maintenance is also reduced. There is less external surface area to
> deal with which requires the most maintenance.
> The above again should also be considered in some balance because 
> pushed to an extreme moving the window flush to the outside surface 
> even projecting it out is not a good idea either. A window frame is
> quite a complicated (expensive) structure and also deserves some
> protection so it is a good idea to keep it back somewhat form the
> outside surface. In your case where you have big overhangs this is 
> such a necessity and you only need a small setback maybe about 

This all makes sense, but don't forget about a sill. This is old 
technology, but very effective. 

The sill is made as part of the frame and overhangs the opening. It 
has a sloping surface to shed water, and a groove or lip running the 
length of it underneath as a drip return, so that drips of water 
cannot work their way back along the underside into the joint between 
frame and wall. 

Also, from an aesthetic point of view, I think a frame with a sill 
looks more 'finished' than one without.

Stewart H.

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