[Strawbale] DVD on Strawbale Building ready

heidi at crystal-lake-video... heidi at crystal-lake-video...
Mon Dec 20 18:30:02 CET 2004

Dear Strawbalers,

I think it´s about time I announce the strawbale film which was finished
this summer. Some of you saw it in Siebenlinden, just before the
Strawbale conference. Now the English and French versions are ready!

AVAILABLE ON DVD: "HOUSES OF STRAW - the Rediscovery of strawbale

AT: www.ecofilm.de

The film is 43 minutes long and was made mainly in Germany, in German
language, but I have now translated it into English and French
(voice-over). On the DVD you find all 3 language versions! The DVD is
29,90 Euros, the films on VHS 27,90 EUR.

It is a general film on the issue, it shows the techniques of
SB-building at different building sites, talks about the history, shows
a successful F 90 fire test, and there are interviews with architects,
builders and experts (such as David Eisenberg), who answer the most
important questions about sb-building. And not to forget: it shows a
lot of beautiful strawbale houses! 

Please have a look at my new website: www.ecofilm.de

Like I said, the website is stil under construction, especially the
English version, so don´t worry about typing/formatting mistakes etc.
You can get all the information about the strawbale film, and the
Online-Shop works!!!

For Americans and people from countries with the NTSC-format: Catherine
Wanek is busy making a NTSC-version of the DVD. (Because in America the
PAL-DVD can only play on computers, not on DVD-players). We will
publish it here and of course in "The Last Straw", when the American
version is available.

For all who know me: my new E-mail-Adress is snel at ecofilm...

And: I´m beginning to distribute interesting films by other filmmakers,
films on ecological and sustainable issues. So if you know any good
documentaries about ecological building, permaculture, living
communities etc... I´m happy for hints!

Have a lovely Christmas time,


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