[Strawbale]insulation against train vibrations

R. Steetskamp steets at planet...
Wed Aug 18 14:11:09 CEST 2004


We would like to build a strawbale house and have found a nice site.

The problem is that it is close (20 meters) to a rail track. The trains 
run slowly (about 50 km/h) so strawbales should provide sufficient 
acoustic insulation.

However, we're worried about the sound/vibrations that could reach us 
through the ground. When we listened with our ears to the ground we 
could hear a low rumbling and a high whining sound.

What are our options to insulate our home from such noises? For example: 
would a foundation of car tyres with rammed earth be any good?

Any suggestions and/or pointers are more than welcome.

Thank in advance!


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