[Strawbale] Contacts in Poland

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Tue Sep 16 12:52:55 CEST 2003

Hello Rene,

There is a woman called Paulina Wojciechowska from Poland (pronounced
Voy-Che-Hov-Ska) who has an organisation called Earth Hands and Houses,
she's also written a fantastic book called "Building with Earth: A Guide
to Flexible-Form Earthbag Construction (A Real Goods Solar Living Book)".

I know that she built at least one strawbale building in northeastern
Poland, but unfortunately her web page www.earthhandsandhouses.org
doesn't seem to be working - maybe someone else has an email address for


> Who can give me SB contacts in Poland. One of the Dutch SB enthusiasts
> is 
> planning to build in SB in Poland and would like to get in contact with
> Polish SB builders. I have seen postings in the past but have lost
> track of 
> them.
> Rene Dalmeijer
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