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Alex, have a look at the link above, I think that's what you are looking
for.  Its an interesting approach.  There is a builder in the south east
who built 4 identical houses, 2 were insulated using isochanvre and 2
with rockwool, they then compared the results in running costs etc,
unfortunately I can't remember the results, I'll try and find them....


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I'm not really new to the list but I've been doing a lot of lurking, but
thought finally I ought to say hello, and also ask you lot a question. I
recently talking with a someone who is using hemp and lime render.
Unfortunately it was at a drinks party and I didn't get their name, or
too drunk to remember it. Does anyone know any more about this, it was
up of tiny pieces of chopped hemp mixed into the lime apparently.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out more? I should
confess I haven't got a strawbale build going yet this is actually for a
stone built cottage I'm restoring first.


Alex ... in France

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