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	Learn to use traditional Lime Plaster on Strawbale walls. 17th and
	October, Orgiva, Spain.
	Romany and John Buck are hosting a 2-day course to be run by Barbara
Jones and
	Bee Rowan of Amazon Nails. The internal walls of Romany's beautiful,
	circular, loadbearing straw house (previously built with the help of
	van der Madden) will be plastered, and in these 2 days you will
learn about
	different types of lime, how to make renders and plasters, and how
to use
	lime render on straw. You will also have a lot of fun, good food and
	Barbara and Bee have extensive practical knowledge of lime
plastering and
	strawbale building from their many builds with straw in the UK and
	over the last few years,(see their website at
	and are honoured to be working in Spain for the first time.
	Delicious local (and part organic) vegetarian food will be provided
as part of the
	course fee, and the course will start with an evening meal on
	October 16th. Actual training days are Friday and Saturday the 17th
and 18th
	October, and the course will end with breakfast on Sunday morning
the 19th
	October. Cost for the course is 100 euros including all food and
free camping.
	Contact Romany on bucktrust at yahoo....uk or tel 00 34 616 857468 and
send a
	deposit of 30 euros to secure your place to Romany Buck, Lista de
Correos, Orgiva18400, Granada, Spain

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