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Lol - Chris you can't be accused of not thinking outside the box.  I
have got no useful advice other than to say "count me in".  Once you
start, if you have any need for an overpaid opinionated and extremely
moody civil servant I'd love to help out for a few days.  I am very good
at making tea and moaning.

I assume as you are on an island you will be building a strawbale
pontoon for access from the mainland !


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Has anyone got experience of building arches in a SB wall? What
works best? Can SB arches be made genuinely load-bearing or do they need
be re-inforced in some way? What type of SB arch is strongest and or
to build. Roman arches seem simpler. Norman arches built of masonry are
structurally stronger and lighter than Roman Arches. Is the same true
SB? How is a Norman arch achieved? How do you calculate the correct
for the curves in Norman arches and where do you position the centres?

We are planning four largish(2m/7ft wide) arched windows or openings in
proposed four storey tower house castle. The floor structure of the
above will spread the weight of the upper storeys, but the section that
contains the arches will need to do its share of the load-bearing. Would
be prudent to have a squared floor to floor timber frame and add arched
infill simply for aesthetics? Or can a SB arch be relied upon to take
load and distribute it into the neighbouring wall in the same way a
arch would? The arches could be deeper than the standard wall if
This would add strength and make for an interesting internal feature,
we'd rather not if we don't have to. Likewise, we'd rather not have any
timber-framing than we have to. We are trying to take the load-bearing
concept as far as we can.

Isle of Arran

I can already hear you sceptics out there sucking in your breath and
"He's gotta be joking! Not only is he crazy enough to build a four
storey SB
building, but he's going to put damn great holes in it!". Well you guys
got a shock in store.

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