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Please reply direct to Damien.

> From: "Damien March" <dmarch at eircom...>
> Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:40:56 -0000
> Questionnaire:
> I am currently studying for an MSc Architecture (Advanced Environmental
> and
> Energy Studies) and the thrust of my thesis is to investigate the
> capabilities of load-bearing straw-bale construction and the viability
> of
> this method of building (straw being readily available, economic and
> relatively pollution free).
> Do you use this type of construction method when using straw-bales.
> i.e.
> load-bearing?
> If you do I would be most grateful should you complete the following
> questionnaire.
> If you do not would you explain:
> (i)	Why you do not use this method?
> (ii)	Whether your method of construction is economic?
> Questionnaire:
> 1.	Location/Climate
> Where are you based:
> (i)	Town.
> (ii)	City.
> (iii)	 State.
> (iv)	Country.
> 2.	Building
> 	What:
> (i) 	Type (house, school etc)?
> (ii) 	Size of straw-bale building do you construct?
> (ii)	What is the square footage/metres?
> 3.	Straw-bales
> (i)	What size bale do you use?
> (ii)	How are the bales bound(2/3 string) and what type of material is
> used –
> plastic, wire etc?
> (iii)	What type of bale do you use-e.g. wheat, rice, maize etc?
> 4.	Structure
> Which method of wall construction do you use:
> (i)	Wall built, loaded and settled before being rendered? or
> (ii)	Wall precompressed and rendered before loading with the roof?
> (iii)	State the amount of pinning/reinforcement in 3sq.m or (9sq.ft)
> section
> of
> 	wall?
> 5.	Render
> (i)	What is the size of the roof overhang?
> (ii)	How long before roof load is applied to walls after their
> completion?
> (iii)	What type of render/stucco/ plaster do you use, and why?
> (iv)	In a six month period after completion did any defects occur to
> the
> rendered         surfaces – if so what were they?
> 7.	Economics
> (i)	How long did it take to construct the building?
> (ii)	How much direct labour (self-build, friends etc)– as opposed to
> hired
> labour was used?
> (iii)	What was the overall cost of the building?
> (iv)	What was the cost of the straw-bale wall?
> (v)	How much waste straw is available from agriculture in your region?

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