[Strawbale] looking for info

ramstrobouw ramstrobouw at planet...
Mon Nov 17 12:58:57 CET 2003

Hello Heidi,

The project Mariahoeve was built by us. We can answer any question you have
about the post and beam structure, and we also have photo's of the different
stadia of the buildingproces. If you like you can contact us for further

warm regards,
Marian van der Noordt
ramstrobouw at planet...
NL 026-3893405

> > Hi balers,
> > who has photos or info about the Post and beam structure in Hoenderloo,
> > (stichting Mariahoeve)?
> > And, I need to know the size of the Sonneveld-building in Ouwerkerk, NL
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Heidi

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