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Sat May 31 12:39:41 CEST 2003


In the Netherlands we are currently undertaking SB sound isolation testing 
at the acoustic laboratory at the Eindhoven Technical University. The tests 
are going to be performed on an earth/clay stuccoed wall section in an 
acoustic test chamber. Because the bales are stuccoed we will not be able 
to measure the amount of sound absorption you mention. We would have liked 
to do this too but due to lack of time have decided to focus on the 
measurement we are now executing. If you are interested please contact me.

Besides I am a Capee (form Cape Town) myself.

At 07:35 AM 5/27/03, you wrote:
>By way of introduction let me say that i am a South-African living in
>Rotterdam, doing a study on environmental architecture in Wales (that's a
>mouth full). Recently i spent one week building a round garden wall in
>strawbale and i thought it was pretty cool to do. The thing that really
>caught my attention was the way in which, when standing inside the circle,
>the sounds from outside seemed to disappear and if i called out the walls
>seem to suck the sound up immediately. Strawbales seem to have good sound
>insulating and acoustics qualities and I would like to write a paper on this
>subject for my course, only I dont really know where to begin.

Rene Dalmeijer

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