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Hi baleheads
Can anyone give Ari some leads or help with his quest, unfortunately the U.K has no official testing and we have to rely on you guys for info!!
please reply to Ari Direct hi_ari at yahoo...
In peace
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This is Ari Gore, a straw bale builder/enthusiast from Canada. I have been working and travelling in the strawbale field for over 5 years and have helped on projects in Canada, the US and Australia.  
So far in Australia I've seen some very effective low tech, simple strawbale construction from Huff n' Puff to some of the best and most finely finished strawbale structures in the world, at the Vipassana centre which Frank Thomas of Germany helped to build.  In between I've seen a nightmare of outdated practices (internal pinning, all-thread compression), poor design (steel members set in the centre of the bale wall with no regard for heights or widths of bales), and a general reliance on "The Straw Bale House" as the "bible" of Australian strawbale construction practices.
After working on some of these projects, I've become very frustrated with the lack of knowledge and communication over here.  So I am compiling a consulting package with as much of the latest information as possible as a resource for Australian owner builders, architects, engineers and city councils.  
The package will contain a range of test results from Australia, Canada, USA and, with luck, Europe that will cover fire ratings, render strengths, strawbale wall strengths and insulation values.  A synopsis of techniques for loadbearing, post & beam, hybrids, flat or on edge, earth, lime and cement renders, cost effectiveness and tips from my 5+ years of building experience will be included as well as lists of resources from the internet, books and journals and lists of local builders, architects and engineers.
I think that this may be the way I can engage in the highest good in the limited amount of time I have left in Australia.
Is there someone who could take a little bit of time to put me onto some sources of information in Europe about the hard data that has been collected about strawbale construction?  I am looking for fire test results, compression tests, R-value tests etc to compare with the information I have gathered from North America and Australia.  Any information or leads would be very helpful.
Thank you, All the best,
Ari Gore,
Straw Bale International

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