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Hi Rikki
there is some info on Australian fire testing, where they tested earthen, lime/sand and lime/sand/cement (three of each).
you can find this at http://www.earthgarden.com.au/strawbale/fire_test.html

Also, Mark Piepkorn wrote:-

         DCAT (Development Center for Appropriate Technology) theoretically
has a terrifically encouraging downloadable pdf copy of an ASTM E84-98
Surface Burning Characteristics report for strawbale. The link for it,
however, isn't working. If you email them and ask Tony to email you a copy
or have the link fixed, he'll probably respond if he's not totally
overwhelmed with other things (like trying to scare up funding). Tony's
generally nice like that.

DCAT home page:

Page containing dead link:

DCAT's nonspecific-recipient email:
info at dcat...

I hope this helps

P.S   I just tried the link and it worked ok for me

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  Can someone please direct to  where I can find info. on the resistance of earth plastered SB wall to fire?

  love , RIKKI 

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