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To all our "Builders Without Borders" colleagues, please note:  They are 
still looking for a Strawbale Workshop Leader:

Bustan L'Shalom Strawbale Workshop in Israel

Bustan is a grassroots partnership of Jews and Arabs who are working to 
raise awareness of the plight of the indigenous Bedouin population by 
promoting sustainable initiatives. Builders Without Borders is providing 
educational materials and technical support for the construction of a 
strawbale medical clinic. In addition to providing medical care in a region 
where adequate medical care is not accessible, it is hoped that this 
project will spawn interest in sustainable building across the Negev where 
70,000 Bedouins are living in corrugated tin shanties.

Bustan means ‘grove’ in both Hebrew and Arabic. Bustan is a grassroots 
partnership addressing the plight of indigenous and marginalized people in 
Israel/Palestine. Bustan works with villagers who have been denied access 
to public resources, and raises awareness of systemic discrimination 
through proactive initiatives. Bustan promotes social and environmental 
justice — helping people help themselves.

Wadi Na’am, in the Northern Negev, home to 4,000 people, is unrecognized by 
the Israeli government. The population of Wadi Na’am has long been denied 
medical services, water, and electricity infrastructure. As a result, the 
families of Wadi Na’am live without the most basic provisions.

The objective of this project is to build a solar/wind powered medical 
clinic by means of a community-building work camp. The practice of 
adobe/straw building has a long history in Bedouin tradition. The project 
is meant to reintroduce these sustainable, low-budget techniques in the 
Unrecognized Villages.

What? Join us in Israel, to train and be trained by indigenous Bedouin and 
local Israelis in alternative building techniques. During a 6-day work 
camp, volunteers and the community of Wadi Na’am will build a 
solar-powered, strawbale medical clinic. Art and music workshops will be 
held for children and families. Lectures about unrecognized villages, 
sustainability, and Bedouin culture will combine modern information with 
ancient wisdom.

Who? Bustan’s coalition of NGO’s invites people of all traditions to join 
us: activists, appropriate technology engineers, green builders, musicians, 
artists, environmental lawyers, organic farmers, alternative practitioners, 
peace educators, and writers.

Where? Wadi Na'am village, is an unrecognized village next to Israel’s 
toxic waste incinerator in the Northern Negev. It is home to 4,000 citizens 
in need of medical services.

When? Join us for Earth Day 2003. Come to the Holy Land of Israel/Palestine 
for Pesach and Easter. The Medwed Work Week begins Friday April 18th—25th, 

How? For $800 per person (outside of Israel/Palestine), mobilize to build 
with villagers and activists. This cost will cover all program activities, 
your accommodations in the village, guides, translators, reading materials, 
and 2 meals daily.

Strawbale Builder/Trainer Opportunity
An experienced strawbale builder who can train others is sought for this 
workshop. Due to lack of funds, at first we are seeking a volunteer 
trainer. If we cannot locate a volunteer, we are very willing to pay 
someone. Please contact us for more information.

Contact Information:
Devorah Brous, bustanlshalom at yahoo...
mail: Bustan, P.O. Box 309, Madison, NJ, 07039
phone in Israel: 001 972 53 711-800

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