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Rene Dalmeijer rened at cistron...
Mon Mar 17 15:13:07 CET 2003


There are a few projects going on this summer. one will be in Millingen 
just over the border. I suggest you have a look at my web-site 
www.rened.cistron.nl/agenda.html  for details which I will be putting up 
quite soon. There will also be a project in Brussels but it is not quite 
sure if it is going to be SB yet. Besides this we are planning a plastering 
workshop again see the agenda.

At 07:36 AM 3/16/03, you wrote:
>[Strawbale] Projects in or around the Netherlands this summer.
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>I'm Walter Faas and I live in the Netherlands in a
>town between Amsterdam and The Hague. I've been
>looking around for information about SB-building for
>quite some time now with the goal to eventually design
>and build my own house. I've got an architectural
>background but I still find it hard to gain more
>knowledge about SB-building. My question is if there
>are SB-workshops or SB-project to work on during the

Rene Dalmeijer

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